Mailkit Syndicate

Mailkit Syndicate is the full featured variant of our email marketing tool aimed at customers that require:

Advanced features of Mailkit Syndicate

The level of automation offered by Mailkit Syndicate allows you to create templates which are used as a base layout for your regular email campaigns where content can be automatically generated from data sources. Sending daily newsletters has never been easier - simply create a template to fetch content from your website and Mailkit will take care of the rest.

  • automated templates to generate dynamic content
  • microsite templates
  • remote control (via API)
  • remote delivery (via API)
  • scheduled and recurring email delivery settings
  • conditinal delivery
  • polls and questionaires
  • multi-user interface
  • IP based account access security
  • custom tracker URL
  • extended A/B testoving options
  • transactional messages

Integration with 3rd party systems

Automation is one of the key features of every professional email marketing tool and Mailkit is no different and allows you to connect to external data sources in XML or RSS format. These data sources can be used for automated mailing list updates from your CRM as well as to create dynamic content of your emails based on data from your web site, CRM or IS.

For a full integration of Mailkit with your systems you can take advantage of Mailkit API which is based on XML-RPC standard and provides secure access to some of Mailkit's functions. You can use the API for example to send transactional emails containing product serial number at the time a product is sold on your site or to handle more complex tasks like sending invoices to your customers.

Priority assistance

Our customer support is at your service. Included in the setup fee is an introductory training and your Mailkit Syndicate account setup.

  • template coding (for automatically generated content) based on your layout (in HTML)
  • online templating support to help you take advantage of all the automation features
  • implementation and integration support
  • content optimalization support
  • priority support
  • introductory training

Billing and prices

Every single one of our Syndicate clients has different needs and requirements. They realize email campaigns of different volumes, send on a regular basis or on occasion, but they have one thing in common - they require a professional solution and support.

Each of our customers get a trully individual treatment. This not only covers our assistance and support with their campaign needs but pricing as well.

Setup fee

the setup fee includes the access setup, integration assistance and initial user trainig € 500

Monthly rate

monthly fees are individual and based on each customer's requirements and monthly usage INDIVIDUAL

Contact us

if you are interrested in a quote please feel free to contact us on-line or by calling +1(408)600-1370

How do I get a Mailkit Syndicate account?

For more information about Mailkit Syndicate account please
contact our sales department