Mailkit Non-Profit

This variant of Mailkit is specifically made for non-profit organizations. Feature wise based on Mailkit Base this variant adds a price discount for non-profit organizations.

Mailkit Non-Profit variant is based on the base yet fully functional variant of Mailkit Base. Its major advantage is that that are no setup and maintenance costs.

The pricing scheme is based on a pre-pay credit order similar to Mailkit Base with an additional discount for Non-profit customers you will be receiving twice the amount of credits with each credit order made.

No setup fees

Yes, there are no setup fees, no contracts, no recurring charges. The simple sign-up form wont take you more than few minutes to fill out and you can start your email marketing campaign today.

No monthly fees

With Mailkit Non-profit you have your costs under control. There are no monthly fees in this variant. The payment for emails is done in advanced by buying email credits. The payment can be done using credit card, Paypal or wire-transfer. The credit is automatically added to your account immediately after the payment has been confirmed and the can be immediatelly used to send your email campaigns.

100% extra credit for Non-profits

As a non-profit organization you are looking for a reliable yet cheap solution. We have prepared this offer that we believe that will help you achieve your goals.

Sign up and create your Mailkit Non-profit account using our form. Every time you buy credits we will add twice the amount you have paid for.

How to get an Mailkit Non-Profit account?

  1. Sign up for free and create your Mailkit Base account.
  2. Activate your account by clicking the link in the email you will receive.
  3. You will get an immediate access to a Mailkit Base account and free credit to send 100 emails.
  4. Contact us with a request for an account upgrade before you buy credits for the first time.
  5. Tell us about your activites and the way your marketing plans in the contact form.
  6. After we have evaluated your request you will be notified about the account upgrade by email.
  7. Every time you buy credits in the future you will receive extra 100% credits for free.