Mailkit Gov

Mailkit Gov is a custom tailored version targeted at government and government-like institutions provided at discounted rates.

Authorities may use it mainly for the following purposes:

Information regarding local events

You can notify your citizens about what is happening in their community. Whether it will be a notice of the town meeting, local festivities, road building, school renovation, new decree or just about the number of newly borns.

Sending reminders and notifications

The authorities can easily remind forgetful citizens about due payments, notify them that they must appear in person for signing of a document, or to inform of the outcome of their application assesment. This can greatly improve tax collection and reduce the time of administrative actions.

Sending threat warnings

The approaching storm, impending floods, chemical spill... doomsday scenario can be eliminated by a timely warning of the population about the risk of imminent threat using our application for email marketing by easily and quickly alerting locals using SMS messages sent to their mobile phones.


Its important for citizens to know their opinion is important to others. Ask the residents of your community to tell you their opinion using polls placed in the emails and get feedback on their satisfaction, their wishes or their opinion about the place they live in.

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