Mailkit Base

Mailkit Base is the basic yet highly functional variant aimed at individuals and small and medium sized companies that need:

No setup fees

Yes, there are really no setup fees, no contracts, no obligations. A very simple sign up process will take you just a few minutes and you can start your email marketing campaign today.

No monthly fees

There is NO monthly fee with Mailkit Base! Mailkit Base is charged using pay as you go model using credits. The price per email depends on the amount of credits you order. More you buy at the time cheaper your price per mail.

It's definitelly worth buying credits in bulk. Credits never expire and it's only up to you how and when you decide to use them on your campaigns.

Free credit to send 100 emails

With Mailkit you always get to try before you buy. You get a 100 free email credits with your sign up that you can use to try our service and use for your first campaign. To ease you into how Mailkit works we have prepared a set of guides, tips & tricks and documentation and you are welcome to get in touch with out customer support.

Billing and prices

To buy credits you can use several different payment method including Paypal and credit cards.

After you make your credit order an proforma invoice is automatically issued. As soon as the payment has been received either to our bank account or an online payment using credit card or paypal is confirmed you will receive an invoice and credits will be deposited to your Mailkit account. 

Setup fee

Sign-up and access to Mailkit Base account is FREE

Monthly fee

the monthly fee associated with using Mailkit Base is FREE

Credit to send 1 000 emails € 8
Credit to send 2 000 emails € 14
Credit to send 5 000 emails € 32
Credit to send 10 000 emails € 56
Credit to send 25 000 emails € 120
Credit to send 50 000 emails € 210
Credit to send 100 000 emails € 380
Do you need credit to send over 100 000 emails? Contact us

Check yourself how much you can save by buying email credits in bulk and what the price per email will be:

Regular price: 400 €

Your savings: 190 €

Credits: 50000
Your price: 210 €
Price per mail: 0.0042 €

(Prices excl. VAT)

How do I get an Mailkit Base account?

  1. Sign up for free and create your Mailkit Base account.
  2. Activate your account by clicking the link in the email you will receive.
  3. You will get an immediate access to a Mailkit Base account and free credit to send 100 emails.