Mailkit Agency

Mailkit Agency is a full featured variant of our email marketing tool custom made for PR firms and agencies and their clients.

Advanced features of Mailkit Agency

Mailkit Agency is a full featured variant offering all features and functions as the Syndicate with addition of separating agency clients into sub-accounts with access limited to content of the specific client.

  • automated templates to generate dynamic content
  • microsite templates
  • extended A/B testing options
  • scheduled and recurring email delivery settings
  • conditional delivery
  • polls and questionnaires
  • remote control (via API per client)
  • remote delivery (via API per client)
  • IP based account access security (per client)
  • custom tracker URL
  • transactional messages
  • multi-user interface (including sub-accounts for agency clients)
  • white-label of agency client interface

Space for your customers

One of the advantages of Mailkit Agency which will help supporting your business is the functionality that allows you to create client accounts for your clients to access their own campaigns. Your clients can manage their campaigns on their own or you can give them access only to reports.

You can have unlimited number of clients securely separated within your account and let them access Mailkit on their own. Your clients will have immediate access to the campaigns you are managing for them and gets better overview leading to more trust in your work and that's what it's all about! The agency reporting interface is a white-label and can be customised to match your brand identity.

Priority assistance

Our customer support is at your service. Included in the setup fee is an introductory training and account setup to your agency's requirements to meet your and your customer's demands.

  • template coding (for automatically generated content) based on your layout (in HTML)
  • online templating support to help you take advantage of all the automation features
  • implementation and integration support
  • content optimalization support
  • priority support
  • introductory training

Billing and prices

Like most agencies we approach our clients always with individual care. Our goal is to always prepare an individual offer custom tailored to our client's needs. In preparation we take into account in particular the anticipated volume of advertising campaigns, the number of emails sent and their frequency. From that information we are subsequently able to responsibly provide the customer with the right solution and pricing.

Setup fee

the setup fee includes the access setup, integration assistance and initial user trainig € 830

Monthly rate

monthly fees are individual and based on each customer's needs and usage INDIVIDUAL

Contact us

if you are interested in a quote please feel free to contact us on-line or by calling +1(408)600-1370

How do I get a Mailkit Agency account?

For more information about Mailkit Agency account please
contact our sales department