Mailkit allows to do email marketing truly everyone - with individual conditions, individual solutions and our individual approach. We are always able to come up with a custom solution even for the most demanding customers from industries that often struggle with their delivery rates and blacklists.

Mailkit as a full-featured email marketing tool is offered in several different variants to meet the specific needs of all types of customers:

Mailkit variantsMailkitSyndicateMailkitAgency
Mailkit Setup fee (* excl VAT) € 500 € 830
Monthly rate (based on amount of sent emails) individual individual
Price per email sent (* example of the lowest possible price, excl. VAT) - -
Technical support (available to Mailkit users) Mo-Su: 9am-11pm Mo-Su: 9am-1pm
FeaturesMore infoMore info
Templates / auto-generated email content ano ano
Microsite templates ano ano
Remote control (XML-RPC API) ano ano
Polls & Questionaires ano ano
Multi-user interface ano ano
IP based account access protection ano ano
A/B testing enhanced enhanced
Unattended email delivery ano ano
Transacational messages ano ano
SPAM score checking ano ano
Email attachments ano ano
SMS messaging ano ano
Delivery capping ano ano
Campaign reports & stats ano ano
Content personalization ano ano
Easy file management ano ano
Multiple clients - ano
Separate API access for clients - ano
Custom interface (whitelabel) - ano
Email client campaign previews 42 free 42 free
Priority helpdesk support ano ano
Introductory user training ano ano
How to choose?  
How many emails per month do I need to send and how often? 10000+ regularly every month 10000+ regularly every month
Do I need multi-user interface? Yes Yes
Do I need Mailkit for multiple companies? No Yes
Do I need to use templates? Yes Yes
Do I need API control? Yes Yes
Do I need to send SMS messages? Yes Yes
Do I need user training or priority support? Yes Yes