Powerful Reports

Reports are the most important part of any email marketing application. It's not just about sending messages, but more importantly about analyzing the effectiveness of emailing. With Mailkit you get more insight than you could ever imagine.

High quality statistics

To make sure you always get the most accurate reports, Mailkit doesn't use any data compression and keeps all the original history intact. This allows us to provide the most detailed information about any campaign and recipient. To provide the best visual representation of the data we generate our graphs in real-time using Flash from the raw data.

Detailed reports

Mailkits lets you see the performance of your campaign from various points of view. Watch your campaign deliver minute by minute and see how your recipients react. Analyze the data based on reads, clicks, operating systems, email clients or by geography with country, state, city or domain detail.

Tracker groups

We have detailed information about the links in your campaigns and let you control how these data are processed. Using tracker groups you can easily group multiple links to get cumulated overview about their performance. This way you can for example group links by product categories in your emails and see how each category performs.

Mailing list reports

Detailed reports of each mailing list will show you the ratio of active, inactive or unsubscribed recipients in each list. You can even see how the statuses changed over the time giving you a perfect overview of your recipients.

Conversion tracking

Mailkit lets you track recipients beyond the scope of your email campaign. With conversion tracking you can track your recipients on your website using a hidden code and get even more valuable information about your campaign's impact. You can measure not only the opens and click of your campaign but see how many of your recipients made a specific action, eg. ordered products from your e-shop.