Mailing Lists

Managing mailing lists is one of the most complicated tasks related to email marketing. Even today lot of the companies leave this task on their secretary and there ability to track unsubscribes and bounces using Outlook or similar email client. That's definitelly not the right way to do things, especially when you are about to send out commercial offerings which are subject to anti-spam laws. Using Mailkit you can manage your mailing lists professionally and in accordance with the anti-spam laws.

Unlimited number of recipients

With Mailkit you can easily build large database of your clients, suppliers or partners. You are not limited by number of mailing lists nor number of recipients in each of the lists. This way you can easily manage multiple campaigns targeted to various different mailing lists. To further simplify the mailing list management you can easily send your campaigns to multiple mailing lists and be sure that none of the recipients will receive duplicate emails in case the recipients are present in more than one mailing list at the time.

Extensive recipient data

Basic set of information about the recipient contains many fields in addition to the most common ones like name and email. Using Mailkit you can store additional data from address and city up to phone number and fax and use them for email personalization. If that's not enought, you can use extra 25 custom fields for each recipient to store you recipient related data and use them for personalization as well.

Subscribe forms

Not being familiar with HTML doesn't mean you won't be able to put a subscribe form on your website. Mailkit's subscribe code generator will create the HTML code for you to place in no time. The code can be easily styled to match the design of your website and you can enter return address for the form so your subscribers won't even notice you are using Mailkit.

Easy unsubscribe

Laws must be respected and observed at all times. With Mailkit you can easily place a custom unsubscribe link into your campaigns and in case you forget, Mailkit will insert a default link on its own. This way your recipients always have the option to unsubscribe and the laws can not be broken.

Mailing list import

You can easily add recipients manually one by one, but mass import of recipients if much more effective. Mailkit supports multiple file formats for fast import of your mailing lists from other applications, address books, etc in using XLS, XLSX, CSV, LDIF and vCard file formats. Every reipient email address is automatically validated during import making sure your mailing list is always complete and up-to-date.

Mailing list export

The up-to-date data about each recipient stored in Mailkit's mailing lists can be easily exported into CSV and XLS file formats. You can select whether you want to export all recipients or only a subset, eg. unsubscribed recipients.

Remote control

When it comes to tight integration with 3rd party applications, Mailkit provides an extensive and most advance XML-RPC API on the market. Even Mailkit is using it's own XML-RPC API for some of its tasks ensuring detailed testing and up-to-date functionality. You can avoid most of the manual tasks by using XML-RPC API and have your campaigns run in a fully automated mode.

Automatic status discovery

With Mailkit you don't have to worry about bouncing recipients anymore. Mailkit will automatically detect bouncing recipients, handle unsubscribes, update mailng list statuses and provide detailed reports. You will always have to most up-to-date information about your recipients just a click away.

Mailing list filtering

Smart filtering allows for even more complex management of your mailing list. Not only you can easily define the filtering rules, but you can handle recipients matching the filter in different ways - do mass copy, move, delete or updates, save them into a new mailing list, etc.