Email campaigns

Creative freedom for e-mails, newsletters or e-zines is one of the foundations of Mailkit. Because we have originally developed Mailkit to meet the needs of our company to send out news, creative freedom of content and design was very important to us. We are very happy to share this creative freedom with you.

Easy newsletter creation

Basic design of the campaign is done using and integrated WYSIWYG editor, which will make sure your e-mail is always using valid HTML code. Toolbars in the editor work in the same way your are used to with you regular word processor. This way you can easily change the layout, font-style, insert indents, numbered lists, images, links... and much more

Message formats

Mailkit can send e-mails as combined plain-text and HTML, HTML only or as a plain-text only message. When using standard combined format you have the freedom to edit both the HTML and plain-text versions of your message or let Mailkit generate the plain-text part from the HTML version automatically.

Campaign previews

You can see the preview of your e-mail campaign anytime during the process of design. In addition you can setup your own preview profiles to replace the personalization tags in your campaign with a dummy data for testing. This way you can easily check the result of your campaign personalization before it's actually personalized for each recipient.

HTML page import

Advanced users can use the import feature to load the HTML code from their computer or web-page. Retrieved code is immediatelly displayed in the WYSIWYG editor and can be further edited and optimized. Unclosed, unsupported and invalid tags are automatically removed while styles are automatically converted, reducing the time required to dispatch the campaign.

Content personalization

Personalization is one of the easiest ways to increase the success rate of your e-mail campaign. By adding simple tags into the body of your email you can easily add personalized data for each recipient (email, name, address, etc.). Mailkit will replace these tags with real data for each recipient during delivery giving your campaign more personal touch.

Content archive

Mailkit never removes any data. All of your e-mail campaigns (sent and unsent, as well as deleted..) are kept in their full version for your convenience at no extra cost. The same applies for report data, allowing you to browse the report data down to the smallest details.

No self-promotion

We never place any logos or self-promotion information into the body of your e-mail campaigns. We believe You should decide on who's logos are in your emails and who you want to promote.

Email attachments

You can attach any file you want to be sent as an attachment with your email. You can upload unlimited files directly to your account's file manager and have them available anytime, anywhere at no extra cost.

Images in your emails

You can easily add any image into the body of your e-mail campaigns directly from file-manager or any website. Images can be further resized and cached on our servers at no extra cost.

Email polls

Every business wants to know the opinions of their clients to optimize their business model or just make sure they're doing it right. You can easily add your own polls to yours e-mail campaigns and let your recipients to respond directly from their inbox. Results are displayed immediatelly in your campaign reports.

Mobile messaging

Extend your direct mailing from print and emails to mobile phones. With Mailkit you can easily send SMS text messages directly to mobile phones.