Campaign delivery

Using Mailkit all of your campaigns get delivered quickly, safely and reliably to all e-mail accounts and mobile phones.

Testing messages

To make sure your email campaign look just the way the are supposed to, you can test your messages by sending them to any email address you want. This way you can always make sure your campaign is displaying correctly before you send it to your recipients. Sending testing messages is free of charge.

A/B testing

Test the success rate of the campaign using different versions of subjects, sending addresses and contents. Mailkit's A/B testing mode will send each version of your campaign to a test group of your recipients and the version with a greater success rate will then be sent to remaining recipients on the list in order to achieve better results of the campaign.

Delivery scheduling

Schedule your email campaign delivery. You can send it immediatelly or schedule it for a later delivery months in advance for a specific date and time with respect to time-zones and daylight savings time.

Automated campaigns

Do you need to send newsletter every first thrusday ina month? No problem! Simply set your schedule and Mailkit will take care of the recurring delivery of your email campaigns.

Delivery capping

Not only you can send your campaign to a mailing list but you can use advanced conditions to send the campaign to a limited subset. This way you can send it to only women, residents of particular state, county or city or people of certain age. Your email campaign will be always precisely targeted.


Thanks to being an internationally acredited email marketing service provider our servers are listed on global whitelists as well as whitelists of freemail service providers. This ensures the maximum possible level of message delivery as emails sent by us are not blocked and are delivered reliably and without delay to the target recipients.

SPAM check

Mailkit automatically check your campaign to determine its SPAM score for you (the likeliness of your message being marked as spam by the receiving mail server). The score can change over time based on how your recipients rate your messages. Our scoring mechanism is using the most popular SpamAssassin mail filter to help you optimize your campaign and avoid having your emails marked as SPAM.


Remarketing campaigns provide whole new type of direct communication with your customers. Abandoned carts are the most popular remarketing campaigns but remarketing doesn't stop here. Remarketing allows you to communicate directly with a specific visitor of your website with content based on his behavior. No matter whether you want to send a welcome mail after registration, remind about an abandoned shopping cart, or up-sell products related to a latest order - remarketing is the tool that will allow you to do all of the above and more.