Account management

Usability is at the heart of Mailkit. Easy account management is provided thanks to simple yet extensive controls and optimized user interface.

Multi-user interface

Large customers and projects often require multiple users to access the system. With Mailkit Syndicate you can setup unlimited number of user account with 4 different levels of access. You can add an Editor account to let someone else edit the campaign, Publisher account for someone to take care of campaign planning and delivery, Reporter account to let your marketing department see the statistics or even add another administrator to share your work.

Email address management

The amount of e-mail addresses from which you can send your campaign is unlimited. To increase safety and avoid sending unsolicited e-mails Mailkit requires you to verify the authenticity of each e-mail addresses used for sending campaigns. It's the next step for running email marketing legally and professionally.

Custom page design

With Mailkit you can easily customize the look of the system pages to match your website. Let's take the sign-out process as an example - not only can you customize the unsubscribe link in your emails but in addition the unsubscribe page can be customized as well.

Agency client access

Trust, but verify. When you provide your clients with a perfect overview of their campaigns it will increase their trust in your services. Mailkit allows you to create separate access for unlimited number of your clients who can see the results of their campaign in real time. This option is only available in Agency version.

Complete payment history

For each payment made an invoice is automatically issued and available for download in PDF. All invoices are stored in the system and you have access to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Affiliate program

By placing an affiliate link in your emails or by placing the code on your site you can immediately start making money. Existing clients who recommend a new customer will automatically receive 20% commission on all payments done by referred customer. Acquired commission can be used to buy credits to send emails or for payment of invoices for Mailkit services. On the other hand the new clients coming through the link posted by an affiliate partner automatically receive a lifetime discount of 10% on all email credit purchases.