Mailkit is the most comprehensive tool for emailing and sms marketing on the market. Providing unrivaled overview of your email campaigns combined with a simple user interface and automated processing of emails. The level of automation in Mailkit allows you to create templates used for regular messaging with content automatically updated from data sources. Sending out daily newsletters has never been easier - simply create a template that takes content from your site using RSS and Mailkit will take care of the rest.

Email campaigns

Creative freedom for e-mails, newsletters or e-zines is one of the foundations of Mailkit. Because we have originally developed Mailkit to meet the needs of our company to send out news, creative freedom of content and design was very important to us. We are very happy to share this creative freedom with you.

Mailing Lists

Managing mailing lists is one of the most complicated tasks related to email marketing. Even today lot of the companies leave this task on their secretary and there ability to track unsubscribes and bounces using Outlook or similar email client. That's definitelly not the right way to do things, especially when you are about to send out commercial offerings which are subject to anti-spam laws. Using Mailkit you can manage your mailing lists professionally and in accordance with the anti-spam laws.