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In our blog we are trying to bring you the best articles about internet marketing and related topics written by the best professionals in the field.

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Emails with an active unsubscribe option in the Social, Groups and Promo tabs will have the unsubscribe button displayed in the header next to the sender address.

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...well almost. We do realize there is still a lot of work ahead of us before we'll be satisfied but the core is here and we want to show off.

We got ourselves a new website!

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Mailkit automatically checks your campaign's SPAM score – the likeliness of your campaign being flagged as SPAM by the anti-spam filters or email clients. What is this good for and how should you…

Automatic campaign SPAM check

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We have an exciting new feature for you that will help you to achieve more efficient campaigns - A/B testing. Using A/B testing your campaign has two different versions which are sent to a subset of…

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On February 9th 2010 we have released a new version Mailkit 1.6, which is again inspired by the comments and requests of our customers. The development team focused on extending the reporting and…

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