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To get a Mailkit account, please contact our sales department.
  • Personalization

    Take advantage of the information you have about your recipients and become first class email marketer using personalizition in your messages.

  • Segmentation

    Send messages only to those recipients who are interrested in your offers. Take advantage of unlimited segmentation possibilities.

  • Dynamic content

    Fully automate your newsletters! No unnecessary work, no extra costs and always up-to-date content.

  • Integration

    Connect Mailkit with your information systems, website or CRM. Make the most out of the information about your customers.

  • Remarketing

    Pull your visitors back to your website and turn them into customers. Email remarketing will help you!

  • Get insight into your clients engagement. Use the information in your next campaign to reduce the cost and increase the success rate.

  • A/B testing

    Improve your campaign success rates by A/B testing that will help you test and compare different versions of your campaign.

  • Analytics

    Graphs, stats, data! Take advantage of advanced reporting and data analysis features with detailed information down to recipient level.

  • Previews

    You can preview your message before sending in over 30 different email clients and popular freemail services.

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Mailkit Variants

  • Mailkit Syndicate

    Mailkit Syndicate

    Full featured variant offering wide range of features for automation and systems integration. Ideal version for those who consider email and SMS marketing as a critical part of their business.

  • Mailkit Agency

    Mailkit Agency

    A full featured variant of our email marketing tool custom tailored for marketing agencies, PR firms or large companies that need to separate email campaign management per division.

  • Mailkit Gov

    Mailkit Gov

    Fully featured variant for government and government-like institutions provided at discounted rates yet offering all the tools needed for effective communication with citizens using email and SMS.

  • Mailkit Non-Profit

    Mailkit Non-Profit

    Basic yet highly functional variant of our email marketing tool is available exclusively to charity and non-profit organizations and offered at discounted prices.

  • Mailkit License

    Mailkit License

    Licensing variant of our application allows you to install and operate fully featured version of our system on your own infrastructure. Ideal for corporations who need to keep all systems in-house.